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Sea Link Cruise presents extraordinary conveniences and highlights for the solace of the explorers. We go to each traveler with outrageous genuineness. Conveniences, for example, an amazing Sealink Cafe-d-Kiosk office, different diversion choices, and extravagant insides have separate us from the rest.

Our master and prepared group individuals are skilled in dealing with every one of your necessities with productivity. They focus on the government assistance and satisfaction of the explorers for the most magnificent excursion. Pick us for a going great encounter among the turquoise water of Andaman!


The timings and complete schedule and ticket pricing of Makruzz is given below:

Port Blair to Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep):

Board From Arrival Boarding Time Arrival Duration Available
Haddo Jetty (Port Blair) Havelock Jetty 8:15 9:45 1:45 Hours Everyday
Haddo Jetty (Port Blair) Havelock Jetty 2:00 3:30 1:30 Hours Everyday
Board From Arrival Boarding Time Arrival Duration Available
Havelock Jetty Haddo Jetty (Port Blair) 4:00 5:30 1:20 Hours Everyday

Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) to Port Blair :

Board From Arrival Boarding Time Arrival Duration Available
Haddo Jetty (Port Blair) Havelock Jetty 8:15 9:45 1:45 Hours Everyday
Class Adult Cost Child Cost Taxes
Premium 1350/- 30 18%

Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) to Neil (Shaheed Dweep) :

Board From Arrival Boarding Time Arrival Duration Available
Neil Jetty Havelock Jetty 10:00 9:45 1:00 Hours Everyday
Class Adult Cost Child Cost Taxes
Premium 1100/- 30 18%

Neil (Shaheed Dweep) to Port Blair:

Board From Arrival Boarding Time Arrival Duration Available
Neil Jetty Havelock Jetty 10:00 11:00 1:00 Hours Everyday
Class Adult Cost Child Cost Taxes
Premium 1220/- 30 18%

Sealink was launched in Andaman Islands in the year 2018 and has been running successfully ever since.

This vessel has a fast cruising speed of 32 nautical miles, thanks to its dual engine. For maximum comfort and safety the cruise is usually run at 23-25 nautical miles.

The broadened two hull design offers great stability and safety during high speed cruising & travel during unfavorable weather, this lets you enjoy meals and beverages without having to think about uncomfortable movements.

Sealink Adventure ferry/cruise deep sea level vessel which provide panoramic natural experience. Sealink Adventure ferry classified as two decks

  • Upperdeck
  • Lowerdeck

Travel from Port Blair to Havelock or Neil is enthralling experience through Sealink Adventure Ferry. There are three classes in Sealink Adventure

  • Business
  • Premium Plus
  • Premium

Friendly staff assistance and entertainment with the divine dining and cuisine make your journey unforgettable. The lowest duration and high speed make the traveller to experience Sealink Adventures Ferry. Celebrate your journey.

Cruise Amenities:


Sealink has a clean and beautiful contemporary interiors with comfortable foam embedded seating and a great interior ambiance for comfortable travel.

There are large windows on each side with low bezels that provide a scenic view of the sea during your travel. The panels are designed in such a way that they run to the top and allow all passengers to enjoy the open sea view.


For entertainment during your travel, the vessel is equipped with a 42″ television that shows different shows and information about the place you are about to visit.

Deluxe class passengers can enjoy their time with 4, 19″ televisions present on both upper and lower deck while the Royal class passengers are provided with 2, 14″ televisions for a total 8 seating’s that give a premium travel experience.


The vessel is well-equipped with different kinds of snacks and beverages that appeals to different age groups. The kiosk is run through the entire area, so you can get what you’d like easily.

For Premium and Deluxe class passengers, meal is complimentary and provided without any additional costs.

Service Locations:

There are three locations where Makruzz provides the transportation: Port Blair, Havelock and Neil.

The transportation plans are as given below:

  1. Port Blair to Havelock
  2. Havelock to Port Blair
  3. Havelock to Neil
  4. Neil to Port Blair


This vessel comes with 3 classes for its guests, which offer different levels of comfort, amenities and service.

  • Business
  • Premium Plus
  • Premium

Buisness Class:

Buisness Class in Sealink is the standard for traveling and comes with comfortable seating’s and standard entertainment. There are a total of 208 seats in this class, so getting tickets is easy.

Although, meals are not included in tickets for this, they can be bought in vessel by calling the staff when they are running the kiosk.

The pricing for this class is:

Premium Plus Class:

Deluxe class offers a better travel experience with dedicated staff, better and more soft seating’s with 4 TV’s for better view.

There are 64 seats in this class, which allows for less congested seating’s and more leg room, but the tickets sell fast, so make sure you book it in advance.

The best part is that, the ticket comes with a complimentary meal during the voyage, so you can enjoy the continental food while traveling.

Premium Class:

Royal class offers the best service and experience and is recommended for travelers who like travel with comfort.

Spacious and comfortable seating with extra log room space and two chairs per window makes the experience wonderful.

The royal class has dedicated staff that cater to all you needs and a free complimentary meal is provided with every booking.

There are only 8 seats in this class, so make sure you book the ticker in advance to avoid missing out.


With the beautiful yet sometimes ravaging Indian ocean, safety during your voyage is of utmost importance. Makruzz comes with advanced level security that meets the standards of International safety in ‘life-saving’, ‘fire fighting’, ‘communication’ and ‘navigational’, this vessel leaves no space for errors.


The complete cruise is equipped with smoke and fire detectors, and the design of the vessel is fire retardant, including the seats, to help control the fire in place.


Sealink boasts a proper Marine Evacuation System with reversible type lift-rafts, capable of handling medium to high waves and staying straight. Moreover, life jackets are present under every seat, so you can quickly use them in case of an emergency.

Navigation and Communication:

Navigation and communication is managed by advanced operational machinery with precise handling and a central announcement system.

Sealink is fully capable of receiving weather, metro-logical, and emergency warnings, with precise equipment capable of sending and receiving distress signals.

Besides this, an safety video is shown after you board the ship, prior to departure, so you can learn more about the options, and make the right decision when it’s needed.

Terms of Booking:

  • Report at the jetty one hour prior to departure.
  • Check-in closes 20 minutes before the departure time.
  • Boarding closes 10 minutes before departure time.
  • A valid photo ID is required for check-in.

Charges and Surcharges:

  • A 100 Rupees surcharge is added to the ticket from 15 December to 15 January.

Ocean Link Cruise is the fourth voyage organization in the Andaman Island and with its particular looks and extensive insides will give you an excursion that should not be taken lightly. This journey has been imported from Singapore and offers flawless experience to the individuals who travel in it. Ocean Link is developing to be quite possibly the most famous travels in Andamans.

The journey has extravagant and rich insides and extraordinary administrations. The staff are cordial and friendly. It’s anything but a wash room with great food and a selection of refreshments.

Ocean Link has a seating limit of 211 seats separated into 3 classes specifically:

Upper Deck-Business Class: 27 seats

Lower Deck-Premium Class: 100 seats

Lower Deck-Luxury Class: 84 seats

The seats are agreeable, open and have a satisfactory legroom space.

The voyage is presently cruising in every one of the significant areas of Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil Island.


* Passenger should convey a legitimate personal ID Card at the hour of registration.

* Reporting time ONE HOUR before flight.

* Check-in Counter closes 15 minutes before flight

* Boarding closes 10 minutes before flight

* Correction of name isn’t allowed in ticket once reserved. So if it’s not too much trouble, guarantee the right name of every traveler.

Youngster POLICY

* Child over 2 years is chargeable

* Rupees 105 for a newborn child (age 7 days to 1 year)


Rupees 100/ – extra per ticket from December 01 – January 31

Supper free for Deluxe and Royal class traveler

Terms and Conditions

Traveler should convey a substantial picture ID Card at the hour of registration at ship.

Detailing time ONE HOUR preceding takeoff.

Registration Counter closes 15 minutes before takeoff

Boarding closes 10 minutes preceding flight

Adjustment of name isn’t allowed in ticket once reserved. So kindly guarantee the right name of every traveler.

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