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Andaman and Nicobar islands has a wide variety of adventure sports and water activities for the travellers to indulge upon. With a pleasant climate and relatively calm seas, visitors can indulge in the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. It has some of the best diving spots.

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Neil Island 3 beach Trip

1 Nights and 2 Days

Rs. 1200/-

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Neil Island Complete Places Covered

2 Nights and 3 Days

Rs. 1500/-

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Havelock Radhanagar and Kalapathar Trip

2 Nights and 3 Days

Rs. 2000/-

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Havelock Radhanagar, Kalapathar & Elephant Beach Complete Tour

3 Nights and 4 Days

Rs. 3000/-

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Super Saver Havelock Neil Combo Package

4 Nights and 5 Days

Rs. 4250/-

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Super Saver Andaman Tour Package

5 Nights and 6 Days


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Andaman Super Saver Special Tour Package

6 Nights and 7 Days


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Andaman Super Saver Combo Package

7 Nights and 8 Days


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Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a scene for all ages and explorers. The Nation of Islands and the beautiful sea shores offers such a huge amount for a wide range of travelers. You can cross these islands all alone. Gather your packs, get a flight, it simply takes 2hrs to land at Veer Savarkar International Airport. Andaman Island is able for every one of the hikers searching for a pocket-accommodating visit. Investigate our Andaman Cheap tour packages to design your visit as your longing.

Andaman is the most desirable beach destinations for backpackers and honeymooners from India and as well as the world. From diving into the crystal clear waters of Havelock Island to having an adventurous trek to Saddle peak we have the best Andaman cheap tour packages available on on can book the best Andaman cheap tour packagesat the various price range. Check out some incredible Andaman Cheap Tour Packages

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Cheap & Best Andaman Packages for Family

4 Nights/5 Days


Pocket friendly Andaman Tour Packages

5 Nights/ 6 Days


Budget Friendly Andaman Deals

6 Nights/ 7 Days


Cheap Airfare Inclusive Andaman Packages

3 Nights/ 4Days


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Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an archipelago of India in the Bay of Bengal. Comprising of 572 islands of which 38 are occupied where individuals are permitted to visit and remain. It covers two gatherings of Islands Andaman Island and Nicobar Island. Port Blair is the capital of this domain. The all-out space of Andaman is in the locale of 82, 49 km. Also, the locale are South Andaman, Nicobar, North, and Middle Andaman these areas are the capital with Port Blair, Car Nicobar, and Mayabunder.

The number of inhabitants in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is roughly 4.34 lakhs. The cash utilized in Indian Rupee. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the home of Great Andamanese, Ongi, Shompen, Nicobarese, Sentinels, Jarawas, and Jangli. These clans are darker looking and their way of life is chasing and assembling food. It is said these various gatherings of tribals are gotten comfortable the Andaman Islands around 26,000 years prior. Presently we can just see approximately 400-500 tribals. The populace got diminished after a pariah sickness. These clans are exceptionally risky they don’t connect with untouchables, they killed a portion of the outsiders who took a stab at contacting them. Ordinary citizens are not permitted in their place is supposed to be unsafe.

Proposed spots to investigate when you are making arrangements for your visit to visit the Andaman Islands. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the objections to add to your pocket-accommodating list of must-dos.


Cellular jail is a National Memorial, likewise called Kalapani. It is named Kala Pani in light of the fact that the prison was encircled via ocean no detainee can consider escape. Cell prison was the provincial jail. The jail was administered by the British government, the justification expelling political prisoners to the far-off archipelago. For the battle of India’s Independence, in particular Vinayak Damodar Savarkar also known as Veer Savarkar, Yogendra Shukla, Baukeshwar Dutt, Sohan Singh, Babarao Savarkar, Bhai Paramanad was political dissidents detained for our Nation. They’ll be mistreated. The jail was developed in 1906. Every one of the activists were under the corrections officer David Barry. Today Cellular Jail is a traveler Monument in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Each traveler visits Andaman visits Cellular Jail on their absolute first day to know the dim history behind it. Cell Jail is situated in Port Blair the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In the evening you can visit the sound and light show displayed in two dialects English and Hindi. Starts at 6:00 pm at cell prison.


Ross Island was formally named Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Island an Island in Andaman’s. It is in the South Andaman locale, 3km away from the city region Port Blair. Ross Island was named after Daniel Ross. Ross Island is a Penal Settle state set up in the year 1858. It is the managerial base camp for the gathering of Andaman Islands. Different Islands were additionally utilized for punitive settlement specifically Chatham and Viper Island. On the off chance that you are keen on history Ross Island is should visit the spot. You can go through hours investigating the islands. Officials’ office, Bakery, church, Graveyard of Britishers, Cathedral, Japanese Bunkers, and old trees are a portion of the attractions in Ross Island which discusses the Islands history. For all the hiker’s Maharaja Travels gives a modified Andaman cheap tour packages do look at.


Baratang Island has a place with the North and Middle Andaman in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Visiting Baratang Island is a long excursion yet it merits visiting. Baratang Island is popular for Limestone caverns and dynamic mud volcanoes. The distance is 101kms away from Port Blair. To arrive at Baratang Island you need to book a taxi from Port Blair. For all nature darlings, Baratang is an unquestionable requirement to visit Island with family, companions, and with friends and family.



Coconut palmed sea shore in Port Blair. Port Blair is the doorway to the Andaman Islands. One can investigate water experiences in carbyns cove sea shore. Stream Ski, parasailing, and boat rides are led in carbyns inlet sea shore are truly moderate. You can even oblige at beachside resort in carbyns bay sea shore.


Mahatma Gandhi National Park is in the space of Wandoor. This Park is developed under the untamed life insurance act 1972. What’s more, the recreation center has around 20 islands. Wandoor sea shore is an entryway for Jolly Buoy Island. The carefree float is an island of coral reef. You need to take a boat from wandoor sea shore to arrive at chipper float island. On the happy float Island, you’ll will see submerged marine existence with delightful fishes and coral reefs. Jaunty Buoy and Red skin both are Twin Island opens then again.


Chidyatapu is popular for bird watching. Normally individuals visit for bird watching. You’ll will see various types of birds. Chidyatapu is where you’ll experience passionate feelings for nature. To observe the delightful sun’s day break you should visit chidyatapu sea shore in the evening before the nightfall’s. Seeing the picturesque nightfall will be your ideal finish to a distressing day.


Radhanagar sea shore is in Havelock Island one of the renowned sea shores among every one of the sea shores in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Radhanagar Beach is granted as the best sea shore in India. Your visit will be inadequate without visiting Radhanagar sea shore. The completely clear blue water is ideal for sun luxuriating and swimmers an ideal occasion spot. For all who are looking for pocket-accommodating sea shore visits, you should look at Andaman’s modest visit bundles to encounter the unblemished sea shores.


Elephant sea shore is a center for water undertakings. It’ll take roughly 20mins to arrive at elephant sea shore by speed boat from Havelock pier. The objective offers numerous submerged undertakings scuba jumping, swimming, fly ski, ocean karting, kayaking you can encounter the submerged marine life the coral reefs, and the beautiful school of fishes.


Laxmanpur sea shore is a nightfall sea shore on Neil Island. To arrive at Neil Island you should go by a Pvt cruise or a by a Govt ferry. The essential chance to reach is 1hr 30min by journey. The accessible travels to arrive at Neil Island are Makruzz, Green Ocean, and Aashi. Laxmanpur sea shore is an ideal spot for sea shore sweethearts around evening time. The vivid sky at each nightfall brings euphoria. It has the capacity to brings us harmony, quiet our brains. You will see a horde of travelers when the sun transforms into red, orange, and pink tones at laxmanpur sea shore. Visiting this is a daily festival of dusk.


Bharatpur sea shore is well known for water experiences Snorkeling, glass-base ride, banana ride, and stream ski. You can bring a profound plunge into the water when low tides. Bharatpur is the spot for swimming and swimming. You will see the submerged marine life from the outside of the water the beautiful fishes and the exquisite coral life under.

Visiting Andaman Island is a small celebration it brings such a lot of euphoria and fun. The sea shores, undertakings, and the dull history behind the dividers will make you experience passionate feelings for these delightful islands. Seeing the idea of the Andaman Islands causes you to feel like you have ventured into another planet. Thus, you’ll need to time your excursion right to have this experience. Andaman is an extraordinary spot for bird watching, traveling, game fishing, seeing the daily sunset, the delightful dawns, and submerged marine life consistently on the top when you think about a vacation. Visiting the Andaman Islands isn’t so costly you can design and investigate all alone with reasonable sea shore side retreats, scrumptious food, voyage insight, for every one of these you simply need to design out compose it on top of the pocket-accommodating outing rundown to make your outing a lifetime Souvenir critical. Regardless of whether you’re are an independent voyager, arranging with your family, companions, or love birds the Andaman Islands has such a huge amount to bring to the table you consistently. Travel With Maharaja for a pocket-accommodating and moderate endeavor, Do check our Andaman cheap tour packages.

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Best Time to Visit Andaman Nicober Island

October to Mid-January (Post Monsoon)

During this time, the Andaman Islands transition from the monsoon season to the winter season. The weather becomes pleasant, with clear skies, lower humidity, and omfortable temperatures around

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23°C to 31°C. This period is ideal for outdoor activities, including exploring pristine beaches, snorkelling, scuba diving, and other water sports. The sea is usually calm, providing excellent visibility for underwater adventures. It’s also a great time to witness the rich marine life and vibrant coral reefs.

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January to Mid-April (Winter)

The winter months in the Andaman Islands offer a delightful escape from colder regions. The weather is dry and mild, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C. This is the prime tourism season,

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bringing tourists from all around the world. It’s perfect for enjoying crystal-clear waters, engaging in various water activities, and relaxing on stunning beaches. The sea remains calm, making it a fantastic time for underwater exploration. Be sure to book accommodations and activities in advance due to the high demand during this popular season.

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Mid-April to June (Pre-Monsoon/Summer)

As the islands transition to the summer season, the temperature rises, reaching around 35°C. Although it gets warmer, this period is suitable for travel if you can handle the heat. There’s a chance

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of occasional rain showers, but the sea is generally calm, making water sports and beach relaxation enjoyable. It’s less crowded than the peak tourist season, which can be a plus for some ravellers.

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Mid-June to End of September (Monsoon)

The monsoon season in the Andaman Islands begins in mid-June and continues until the end of September. This period experiences heavy rainfall and occasional storms, leading to rough seas and

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limited outdoor activities. Water visibility for snorkelling and diving might be poor. However, if you appreciate lush green landscapes and tranquillity and are willing to spend more time indoors, you might find this period peaceful. It’s not the peak tourist season, so you might also find attractive deals on accommodations.

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Popular Cruises of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Popular Cruises of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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