Mumbai to Andaman: A Journey to Remember

Mumbai to Andaman: A Journey to Remember


People interested in and wanting to learn more about the world around them have always been drawn to adventure and travel. The thrill such travel provides is beyond description, as you need to experience it to feel it. One such enthralling journey is from Mumbai to Andaman, which will leave you wishing it never ends. When you embark on an Andaman tour from Mumbai, you do not just take off on holiday but a riveting voyage that promises varied topographies, unparalleled natural splendours, and a glimpse into the history of Andaman civilisation. This blog will explore the fascinating voyage from Mumbai to Andaman, which promises nothing but serenity, enchantment, and lifelong memories.

Setting Sail from Mumbai

Mumbai, India’s financial and entertainment capital, is a bustling city that draws you with its rich past. However, when you leave the tumultuous shores of Mumbai for the more peaceful ones in Andaman, you will experience a harmonious symphony that beckons you in the form of endless stretches of the sea.

How to Reach Andaman from Mumbai

You can travel from Mumbai to Andaman using various means of transportation, as highlighted below:
  • By Air: Traveling by air is the most practical and quickest way to get from Andaman to Mumbai if you are short on time. Several airlines offer non-stop daily flights from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja International Airport to Port Blair’s Veer Savarkar International Airport. The flight distance between Mumbai and Andaman is approximately 2,280 km, which you can cover in approximately three hours if you travel by air. If Mumbai is too far, you can also opt for flights from Kolkata, Chennai, or Bangalore.
  • By Rail: Unfortunately, there is no direct train from Mumbai to Andaman. The best way to reach Port Blair by train is to take the famous Chennai Express from Mumbai to Chennai and board a flight from Chennai to Port Blair. You can also travel by the Sau Janata Express from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and then board a flight to Port Blair.
  • By Road: Unluckily, you cannot travel from Mumbai to Andaman by road. You can only undertake road travel to and from Mumbai and Port Blair airports. Once in Port Blair, you can hire a bike or taxi for local sightseeing.
  • By Sea: Traveling from Mumbai to Andaman by sea is the best way to explore the scenic beauty of the enrapturing ocean waters. With only a few cruises available from Mumbai to Andaman, you can fly to Kolkata, Chennai, or Visakhapatnam and board a ship to Andaman. Although sea travel takes longer and is not feasible for those short on time, it offers a nautical adventure worth every minute you spend onboard.

Preparing for Your Andaman Adventure

1. Research and Itinerary – Before taking off on your incredible Andaman journey, you must diligently do your homework. Ensure you thoroughly research the Andaman Islands’ geography, culture, and the activities you can indulge in. Create an organised itinerary that allows you to make the most of your journey.

2. Booking Travel and Accommodation – Whichever way you choose to travel, we recommend booking your travel arrangements well in advance, especially during the peak season, as you might not get tickets if you look to make last-minute arrangements. The same holds for accommodation also.

3. Packing Essentials – Pack smartly and include essentials such as swimwear, lightweight clothing, insect repellent, sunscreen, and comfortable footwear. If travelling from outside India, remember to carry your travel documents, including your passport and necessary permits.

Andaman Island: Bay of Bengal’s Emerald Gem

The pristine beauty and wide range of activities on Andaman Island are enough to motivate travellers to visit this emerald gem nestled in the Bay of Bengal. If you want to travel from Mumbai to Andaman for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience, opt for Andaman tour packages that take you places and offer the perfect mix of serenity and adventure away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai’s crowded life. Here are some reasons such tour packages are an excellent option for your Andaman getaway.

1. Seamless Travel Planning: Planning and organising a perfect trip can sometimes be challenging. Choosing a travel package can help you handle minute aspects effectively. Every element, from transportation to lodging and activities, is carefully planned to ensure a hassle-free trip.

2. Customised Experiences: The Andaman Islands offer plenty for all travellers. Whether you are a beachcomber or an adrenaline freak, travel packages to Andaman promise an enriching and fulfilling experience.

3. Local Engagement:  One of the benefits of opting for an Andaman travel package is to mingle with the native tribes while being escorted by local guides, enjoy palatable seafood and other local delicacies, and visit historical monuments and local markets to learn about Andaman’s rich and diverse culture.

The Andaman Adventure Beckons

The lush green Andaman landscape awaits you on the other side of a nautical journey over the Bay of Bengal. The experience transports you to a universe tucked away in the blue embrace of the ocean, unaffected by time.

1. Explore Port Blair’s Rich History – Once you set foot in Port Blair, you are greeted by the warm ocean breeze and a rich colonial history that speaks volumes about India’s struggle for independence. The Cellular Jail is a testimony to the unwavering spirit of those who battled for freedom. The Samudrika Marine Museum is also a must-visit destination to explore Andaman’s diverse and vibrant marine life.

2. Experience the Tranquility of Havelock Island – Havelock Island is a short boat ride from Port Blair and offers a paradise where time seems to have stopped. An exciting escapade awaits as you tread the powdery shores and gaze at the vast stretch of the ocean. The Radhanagar Beach, in particular, offers a perfect backdrop of unmatched serenity and natural beauty.

3. Relive the Past on Ross Island – Ross Island beckons you with the remnants of a bygone era. Once the administrative headquarters of the British, the island stands as a creepy yet captivating tribute to colonial architecture and history that transports you back to an era of grandeur and intriguing charm.

4. Explore the Water World with Snorkeling and Scuba Diving – Andaman’s colourful underwater life, consisting of fishes, coral reefs, crabs, and other aquatic creatures, is globally renowned. Embarking on a snorkelling or scuba diving odyssey allows you to explore Andaman’s underwater wonders that make every dive a memory.

5. Trek Lush Forests – Your Andaman holidays are not just about beaches. They also offer an opportunity to trek dense forests and beautiful hills, like Mount Harriet and Saddle Peak, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the islands.

6. Indulge in Sumptuous Culinary Delights – A trip to Andaman is incomplete without indulging yourself in authentic local cuisine and mouthwatering gastronomic delights that blend Southeast Asian and traditional Indian spices. Do not forget to relish Andaman’s famous seafood, coconut milk-based gravies, and fresh tropical fruits to experience a symphony of flavours and sensations.

7. Create Lifetime memories with Sunsets and Silhouettes – Heavenly beauty unravels as the sun subsides below the horizon and embraces the Andaman Sea with a warm hug. The sunsets paint the sky with vibrant colours you will remember for life, whether sailing over crystal-clear waters, sitting atop a mountain, or strolling down the coastline.


There is more to a trip from Mumbai to Andaman than excitement and discovery. Each step is a chapter encapsulating amazement, nature’s wonders, thrills, and a rich cultural experience. As you bid farewell to your Andaman adventure, you take a rich tapestry of lifelong memories that allow you to repeatedly relive the beauty and charm of your escapade. Maharaja Travels is a reputed and renowned tour and travel company in Andaman with 16 years of experience in offering Andaman tour packages from Mumbai and other Indian metro cities to enjoy a unique, customised, and affordable experience that lasts a lifetime.
Mumbai to Andaman: A Journey to Remember