Andaman Honeymoon Package Attractions During Covid In 2021

Andaman is a haven for newlyweds. The romantic sandy beaches make the honeymoon souvenir and more intimate. There are many reasons why Andaman is considered perhaps the best destination for a Honeymoon; it must be on top of the bucket list for each couple looking for a honeymoon destination. A beautiful and heartfelt spot. A picturesque and romantic place. When it comes to honeymoon beachside candlelight dinners, beach sidewalk, the couple photo shoot which all includes in our Andaman Honeymoon Packages makes a tour memorable. Andaman has to picture it as one of the romantic destinations to spend time with loved ones. For all the newlywed’s honeymoon is a lifetime memory, one should make it more memorable by visiting Andaman Romantic Beaches. The reason Andaman is counted as a Honeymoon destination by most honeymooners is the beautiful white sandy beaches which give a romantic vibe.

When it comes to honeymoon couple who plans to visit a place to make their onetime souvenir last for a lifetime. Whether lying on beaches, daring foodies, adventurous activities the one incredible destination is the Andaman Islands. Nature itself pure magic makes you feel to dwell on the beaches for the never-ending day, Nature is celebrated here. It is a magical city of romantic beaches. Explore beaches, Cellular Jail, Havelock Island, Neil Island, Sunsets, Sunrises, water sport excursions, and many more. Havelock Island is a beach bum to sleep and enjoy the view. The nightlife is fabulously fantastic people from all around the world people come to enjoy the beach life. Is there and exotic island Honeymoon than Andaman? It is hard to imagine or hoping for a much better place than these beautiful Islands. One can rest in private pool honeymoon suites.

There’s something called simplicity in a beach resort honeymoon, but if you are a newlywed and looking for a perfect honeymoon destination here it is, there may be nothing more epic than Havelock Island in Andaman. There are several options for an island experience from cruise excursions to underwater adventures. Beyond the famous beaches, there’s plenty of goodness to eat. One can enjoy the famous plates of seafood in the Islands, the new way to relax and rejuvenate mind and body.

Hear Andaman Islands your instant think is Honeymoon, unlimited beaches, turquoise water, beautiful coral reef, honeymoon suites, colorful fishes, seafood, which makes Andaman Honeymoon Package complete – so expect a trip filled with mushy meals, spa treatments, and tranquility at the shore. For the couples for whom spending date nights on beaches is a fantasy, and also provides the perfect place to snuggle up after a long day of indulgence.

Do you and your partner share an intense curiosity about the honeymoon, if so; a simple holiday package won’t make it up? To bring your love hormones alive, the picture-perfect destination captures your new beginnings. Explore the haven for a couple with our customized Andaman Honeymoon Packages the cost of the package is very affordable.




Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands on South Andaman, the passage point of Andaman Islands. The foremost attractions are Cellular jail also Called Kalapani the prison used by the British Government and the white sandy beaches Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Chidyatapu Beach the only sunset point in Port Blair where the day ends, Wandoor Beach, Ross Island- The Penal Settlement, North Bay ideal for water sport activities, jollybuoy / Red Skin, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, and the museums Samudrika marine museum, Anthropological museum, Chatham sawmill which is to be added in Andaman Honeymoon Package.


Havelock Island is named as Swaraj dweep, honeymooner’s must-visit place, to reach Havelock Island; you have to take a cruise of 2hrs from Port Blair. If you are looking for an idyllic spot for a proposal, you are at the right place Havelock Island gives dreaming goals for perfect date nights and intimate catchy nights. The beaches of Havelock Island offer serenity for sunset proposals and make an adventurous spot for the couples to say yes “I will”.

The beaches in Havelock Island: Radhanagar beach, is ranked as 7th world best beach by the Times Magazine 2004 and one of the cleanest beaches in Asia, also included in the top 25 beaches in Asia by Tripadvisor’s Traveller choice award 2016, Kalapathar beach the sunrise beach, the magic hours when the sun rises best time to take photos as the sky lights up. Watch the sunrise over the beaches of Havelock Island, Kalapathar beach. The Elephant beach hosts enthralling water sport adventures.

Take a look and know more about them

Scuba Diving

For the one who is looking for an underwater thrill should do scuba diving, Dive down to the undersea world, even for just a few minutes. The undersea eye-catching marine life is so impressive asks people to come over and over again. Can see the colorful creation of coral reefs and fishes undersea in the depth of 10-15 meters.

The major attraction in Havelock Island is scuba diving people come across the world to dive undersea adventures a lifetime memory. And our Andaman Honeymoon packages include all these adventures in the tour of 6 days.


Kayak is an adventure sport; In short, the experience will be a lifetime, the thrill that you experience clam down your senses, which blows you to the scenic beauty as you paddle through. Any type of traveler can enjoy the kayaking adventure. The night kayaking is the most picturesque, the blue luminous water is just a mindboggling adventure, and Havelock Island will be your perfect pick for kayaking. Includes in the Andaman Honeymoon package. 


Neil Island is officially named Shaheed dweep. To reach Neil Island you have to catch the cruise from Havelock or Port Blair, 1hr 30mins of cruise excursion lands you on the most scenic island for all the honeymooners looking for bliss. The distance from Havelock Island to Neil Island is 17kms and Port Blair


32kms by sea route. To enjoy mind-clearing solitude, come escape from the crowds land on these islands can make wonders. Spending time on the beaches with your better half may have positive effects on brains. Reconnect with the vast beauty of nature. These beaches must add to your bucket list. Take a time out and find sweet silence, serenity now. There is nightlife access meaning can plan for midnight rides.

These beaches are breathtaking; Laxmanpur beach the sunset point, there is something about the beautiful sunset the perfect end to the perfect day in paradise. Sunset can boost and enhance life satisfaction. The stunning Laxmanpur coastline will become our favorite, because of the sunsets unlike anywhere else. Sitapur Beach the sunrise spot, the starting of the day. Bharatpur beach is ideal for water sports adventure, the spectacular spot for snorkeling. The underwater world offer so much more than you think. When the water is so clear a huge long wreck can be seen from the surface, the best thing about the liberty of the snorkellers though. Probably the highlight for the snorkellers is the coral garden, a shallow starts as you step into the water. A Neil Island is a Snorkel lover paradise Indeed. And the naturally formed bridge will be a part of your Andaman Honeymoon package.


The Andaman Islands perfect for a couples gateway, a special celebration. The gorgeous beaches build for romance around the island. Including Sunrises over the clouds, sunsets, and date night are synonymous with romance. Take advantage of the Andaman Honeymoon Package for you two to explore and paddle around the bike rentals.

Keep it a perfect souvenir of Andaman Island Gateway. Don’t miss these romantic islands, where you can cozy up your luxury vacation home. On this beautiful sanctuary, it’s all about the beauty of our Islands. Also, a fabulous Island to tie a knot. So, why wait to pack your bags write it on top of your bucket list, Maharaja Travels is here to make Andaman Honeymoon Package, memorable for all the new beginnings.

Andaman Honeymoon Package Attractions During Covid In 2021

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